FUNDRAISING: As always, there are many expenses in caring for rescued dogs from food, vet care, collars, leashes, cages and general day-to-day items needed to take care of each dog. Our adoption fees usually do not cover all of our expenses so we rely on donations and on fundraising events. We are looking for creative individuals to help us with these events and brainstorm unique ideas.

TRANSPORTING: Like hitting the open road? If your answer is yes, we have the perfect opportunity for you! Transporting our Jacks to and from is an important job. We need people who would be willing to pick up dogs from various shelters in different areas of California. Often times a Jack only has a certain time frame in which they can leave a shelter so transporters need to be somewhat flexible on what days and the times they are available to pick up dogs from shelters.

Sometimes the Jacks need a ride to their foster home. Sometimes if a foster is unable to keep a veterinary appointment, a fostered  Jack will need a ride from their foster home to the veterinary appointment and a ride back to their foster home.  Also needed are people willing to take dogs to their new forever homes. We have long-distance transport needs as well. The transport team is an excellent opportunity for hands-on work with the Jacks.

GRANT WRITING: We are looking for someone experienced in the grant writing for non-profits that can either write or consult us on our grant writing efforts.

PROFESSIONALS: As we focus our efforts on saving Jacks, we will need additional help with back-office services such as accounting, marketing, and publicity. We also need help promoting our events by distributing flyers and posting online listings. Help is also needed with Social Media.

If you are able to help in any of these areas, please contact us by email at

We are the oldest, active 501(c)(3) Jack Russell Rescue in California‚Äč


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